Consult Your Surroundings

I can’t tell you how many nerds I’ve met over the years that just have that “know it all” attitude.  I’m sure a few faces just popped in your head right there! I think with all the power IT guys (and gals) have these days it tends to really feed the ego for some.  I admit on occasion I have gotten like that, as my wife has so lovingly reminded me.

But if you’re reasonable about it, you realize that there is so much in IT you don’t know and nobody can possibly be an expert in every area.  I think this is one great reason why collaboration with colleagues or a mentor is very critical. Every person has different skills and others can teach you things without sitting down in a classroom setting.  Set your ego aside for a moment and realize that a colleague may solve a problem more efficiently or be able to answer that question you got stumped on.

Collaboration also helps because we all make mistakes and a fellow techie may be able to remind you of things that shouldn’t be overlooked when working on a project.  Even people who’ve been in IT for years need a peer they can lean on because different perspectives and backgrounds can really benefit both parties. Especially if you are early in your career, you need to surround yourself with people who know more than you and learn all you can from their experience.

Happy career hunting!